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Thank you

In recent years, scientists have made great progress in EB research. There is finally realistic hope for a day when families will no longer suffer the pain of EB. Without financial support, this research could not have taken place. We are very grateful to the following companies for their generous partnerships on behalf of the EB community.

The 49ers Foundation

The 49ers Foundation, a tax-exempt organization, was established in 1991 as the team’s community outreach division. The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational, social and cultural needs of their community.

Zions Bank

Forever Young Foundation

The Forever Young Foundation was established by Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers. Steve has done much to help young people in many capacities. EB children are fortunate to be included in his circle of giving.


The collective power of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) is to ENABLE! The IICF doesn’t just support on-going programs at nonprofits. It creates, encourages, stimulates and innovates. Helping Communities. Enriching Lives. Together.


Since 1996, NuSkin Enterprises has partnered with the EBMRF to help find a cure for EB. We are grateful for their continued support.